Consult LSP and Young Living For Essential Oils and How They are Used

Essential oils have become very popular among many people. The uses for these oils range from a simple headache, to migraines and aches, to even cleaning the house with them. There are many different oils available, so it is important to understand how to safely use them, especially if they will be used on children. Thankfully, there are many different resources available for anyone interested. There are books, online blogs and websites, as well as people that sell the oils. Online sites such as LSP and Young Living provide insightful information regarding the oils, the many different uses and steps to safely handle and mix the oils.

What Are Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in plants, flowers, herbs, trees and shrubs. They are in liquid form and are extracted in a very careful way so that they can remain in their pure form. They are organic, so no additives or chemicals are introduced to the mixture. There are over 40 different types of oils and each one helps different areas of the body. Not only that, but some are recommended for cleaning as well. This is a great way to have a chemical free home, especially for little ones.

Names Of Some Oils And What They Are Used For

There are different systems in the human body, and they each do different things. The muscular system helps the body move and it includes all of the muscles found in the body. Some oils that are recommended for this area include peppermint, copaila and pan away. The immune system fights off infection found in the body. Oils recommended here include lemon, frankincense and thieves. As stated above, make sure that you are aware of the safety guidelines when it comes to handling and mixing these oils.

Essential oils are absorbed by the body’s cells within the first 20 minutes of being applied. This is because they are left in the purest form once they have been extracted from the source they came from. As always, get educated on the oil you are using, how to mix it and what it should be used for.